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NEW: Vault Locking Gun Cabinets from Fortify

Fortify K50 5 Gun Vault Locking Safe

These ultra-secure 5 and 7 gun Vault Locking Safes from Fortify Gun Cabinets are the latest additions to Winterfield Safes’ range. The K50+ 5 Gun Vault Locking Safe and the K70+ 7 Gun Vault Locking Safe are built to exceed the BS7558/92 standard, meaning they are not only approved but also recommended by the police. Double-skinned steel doors and high-strength steel locking pins make these cabinets an excellent choice for anyone looking for the most secure means of multiple gun storage.

Similar products available on Winterfield Safes’ website include JFC’s VL5E – 5 Gun Shotgun Cabinet, as well as Brattonsound’s full-length Sentinel Plus.

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