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Security Safes

Popular for use in the home, these free standing security safes can be delivered direct to your door. Security safes for the home offer protection of up to £6,000 or £60,000 valuables. (For higher security see the Eurograde Safes category).

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  1. Burton Keyguard Combi MK/II

    • External Dimensions: 120 x 85 x 40 mm 2 in (HxWxD)
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All our high security safes are tested to the latest European standard EN 1143-1 (LCPB of UK, VDS of Germany and CNPP of France). Each safe is given a "Eurograde" ranging from Eurograde 0 (£6,000 cash rating) to Eurograde 6 (£150,000). A cash rating is the maximum amount of cash allowed in a safe overnight in order to comply with insurance policies.

Eurograde Safe

As it is difficult sometimes to rest assured that you have provided your valuables with the maximum level of security, Eurograde safes give you an extra feature for further confidence, meaning that when you buy a Eurograde safe, your valuables will be insured up to a certain level, and insurance companies will commit themselves to pay in case there is any damage.

They come in various sizes and their interior structure differs according to their brand, in terms of the type of objects they are designed for; for instance, many comprise special compartments for storing money, documents, keys, computer data etc. These safes are graded progressively from Eurograde 0 to Eurograde 5 in concordance with the level of protection they provide, Eurograde 5 being the highest rated. It's true that they are quite expensive, but after all, this type of security is at this moment in time unbeatable and peace of mind is priceless.

Eurograde safes offer that little extra security and peace of mind, as Eurograde standards ensure that most leading insurance companies will cover for losses to the given grade of the safe.