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£5 off Chubbsafes elements range!


That’s right, we’re giving you £5 off everything in the Chubbsafes Elements range! These safes are perfect for home use, coming in a range of affordable yet practical shapes and sizes.
To claim your discount, simply enter CHUBB5 at the checkout.

Chubbsafes Air range

The cheapest of the Elements series, the Air range still offers a great level of protection. These safes feature either a key or combination lock as well as a cash rating of £1,000. These great little safes can either be fixed to the floor or wall, fitting any space you may have in your home

Chubbsafes Water range


The Water range features internal lighting and comes in four sizes. They have been sanctioned by the Association of Insurance Surveyors and have a £2,000 cash rating and a £20,000 valuables rating.

Chubbsafes Earth range

Designed with quality in mind, these S2 rated safes are again sanctioned by the AIS. As well as the LED lights, these safes also feature a 30 minute fire rating, £4,000 cash rating and £40,000 valuables rating. There are four sizes available.

Chubbsafes Fire range


These top-of-the range, 30 minute fire-resistant safes again have a rating of £4,000/£40,000. The Fire range has also been sanctioned by AIS and given an S2 rating. The range has pre-drilled holes for fixing to floors or walls.

So secure your valuables now with one of our great value home safes and enjoy an extra £5 off all orders!