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Best Budget Safes 2017

Best Budget Safes 2017

Some people think a good safe has to come with a high price tag. However, this isn’t always the case. A lot will depend on what you’re looking for and what size safe you want, of course, but there are plenty of budget safes on the market that could provide you with just the level of security you’re looking for.

Which is best: Key lock or electronic lock?

Firstly, one isn’t necessarily ever better than the other. A lot is down to personal choice. If you regularly carry keys around, it won’t be a problem to add a safe key into the mix as well. You’ll always know where it is and you can gain access to your safe quickly and easily. It’s also the way to go if you’re never any good at remembering PIN numbers!

On the other hand, if you’re the sort of person who is forever mislaying their keys, maybe you’d rather go for the electronic lock. In this case, you do still get a back-up key just in case something goes wrong. You’ll need to find a safe place for this so it won’t get lost or misplaced. But regular entry to the safe is provided via keying in a specific code you come up with. Use something memorable that you won’t forget and which cannot be easily guessed by someone else.

Affordable safes are available in both these styles, so you won’t pay any more for one than the other overall.

Lion Guard budget safes

Lion Guard Home Security Safe S1 K

Lion Guard is a high-quality range of budget safes designed for home use. The Lion Guard Home Security Safe S1 K shows just how practical, compact and versatile their range is. This model has a seven-lever lock and double-bitted keys for additional security.

While the compact nature of the above safe will suit some, other buyers may be looking for something with the same security measures and which offers more space. The Lion Guard Home Security Safe S2 K ticks the important boxes here. It has generous dimensions yet is still compact enough to fit into a variety of locations in the home.

Are you looking for something bigger still? Not to worry – the Lion Guard Home Security Safe S3 K is also part of this appealing range. It’s pre-drilled with holes to the rear and to the base, so you can secure it with the fixing bolts included. You will also have lots of room to store a range of other valuable items including cameras, watches, phones and more.

Other budget safes to consider

Burton Keyguard Electronic Budget Safe Size 1

If you’re going to invest in a budget safe, it’s worth looking at some of the other options available as well. We’ve already mentioned the options available regarding entry – either via a key or an electronic pad. Let’s look at a couple of examples from other providers, so you can see which one might suit you.

The Burton Keyguard Electronic Budget Safe S1 is nice and compact and yet still has a reasonable amount of storage space inside. It has a simple 0-9 keypad allowing for a three-digit entry code, powered by 4 x AA batteries that come with the safe. However, if the batteries were to fail or you forget the key code, you can use the key that is provided as a second means of entry.

It’s also versatile in that you can bolt it to the floor, or alternatively to the wall if you prefer (perhaps inside a cupboard, for example). Despite its size, it still offers a cash rating of £1,000 and a valuables rating of up to £10,000. That means it will be ideal for many people looking for a high-quality budget home safe.

If you’ve decided that key entry to your safe is the only practical option for you, the Phoenix Compact Security Safe A100BK might be the answer to your search. You’ll be surprised what you can get inside this compact safe too. It’s ideal for phones, cash, watches and passports, not to mention other small items that might need safe storage. It also has the same cash and valuables rating as the safe mentioned above.

Which budget safe will suit you?

It’s clear that the first decision you need to make is which method of entry you’d prefer. Once you have that clear in your mind, you can narrow down the budget safes that fit this description.

Additionally, you then need to consider which size safe would be appropriate. It’s usually best to get one a little bigger than you think you’ll need, just so you can be sure you have enough room to ‘grow into it’, if you will.

It’s definitely reassuring to know you don’t have to spend a large sum of money to protect your valuables, whatever type of safe you’d most like to have.