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Best Safes for the Home 2017

Best Safes for the Home 2017

Do you have a home safe yet? If not, have you ever thought about what would happen to vital documents such as passports and birth certificates if you had a fire or a flood? While such documents can be replaced, you could do without the hassle of sorting that out following a crisis at home.

Maybe you have considered getting a home safe before, but you weren’t sure which one to get. When you start reading about cash ratings, valuables ratings, fire protection offered in minutes… you might well find yourself feeling uncertain about which one to buy.

Burton Safes range makes life easy

That is one of the reasons why so many people look at the Burton Safes Range of home safes. This range has been specifically designed with many homeowners in mind. If you’re looking to protect cash, valuables, and other assorted items in your home,

What should you protect your documents and valuables against?

Burton Home Safe Grade 0 S3 E

Not all safes are identical. That’s why some are cheaper than others. The cheaper a safe is, the less protection it is likely to provide. The trick is to find a balance between what you can afford and what the safe can protect your valuables from.

The Burton Safes Range achieves this balance. You can choose from several Grade 0 safes, all tested and certified. Each one has a two-year warranty and has an insurance rating of £6,000 for cash or £60,000 in valuables. That should suit most homeowners. You merely need to decide which model will be ideal for your purposes. They vary in size, so consider what you wish to store in yours and go from there.

Burton also creates other safes that might be preferable for you to consider. For example, the Eurovault Aver S2 model comes in several sizes, each offering the same outstanding protection against theft. Not only would this safe fit in well at home, it would also be ideal for an office. Different versions offer access via a key, or if you prefer, a keypad.

What do you want to protect your valuables against?

Chubbsafes Elements Range

The event of fire or flood is something most of us will never experience in our lives. However, you won’t want to run the risk of having your most valuable documents and items ruined if you were unlucky in this sense. With the right safe, you know everything will be protected for a certain time, and can hopefully be rescued, too.

Chubbsafes Elements is a great range of safes inspired by the four elements – air, earth, water, and fire. Very appropriate, you might say, given the things you want to protect your documents, cash, and jewellery from. Each element has its own range, with Air at the cheapest end of the scale. You then move from the Water and Earth ranges, finally reaching the Fire range, which offers the greatest amount of security.

So, it is vital to think about whether you want to protect your valuables only from burglary, or whether you want to protect them from fire and flood, too.

Are you protecting valuables rather than cash?

Some safes offer a higher rating for valuables than for cash. The Lion Guard home security safe S2 K is a great example of how this works. It still boasts a cash rating of £1,000, but you can enjoy a valuables rating of £10,000 with this one, too. It has a mat inside to protect anything valuable from being damaged, and there is no shelf, making it perfect for storing larger items such as an expensive camera.

It has pre-drilled holes for securing with the fixing bolts supplied, either through the back of the safe or the floor. This makes it versatile for securing in a range of positions, whatever suits you most. And once again, with different versions available, it becomes far easier to find the right size for your space and for the items you want to store away in there.

What matters most to you?

Phoenix Titan III Range

It’s easy to think of cash and valuable items of jewellery as the things you’d want to save most. But what about personal photos, probably held on flash drives and memory sticks now more than anything else? What would you do if you had a fire? It could all be lost in seconds, and there would be no way to replace any of it.

If you want to store important documents, flash drives, USB sticks, and other similar items safely and protect them in the event of a fire, consider the appropriately-named Phoenix Titan III 1281K Safe. This protects the contents for up to 60 minutes in a fire. In most cases, you will escape the property, get the fire brigade out and have the fire put out within that time. And your possessions will be protected inside that safe for long enough to survive.