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Can I Store Ammo in My Gun Safe?

Can I Store Ammo in My Gun Cabinet?

It doesn’t matter what type of gun you legally hold and have a certificate for, safety is always going to figure very highly when it comes to storing both the gun and its ammunition.

One of the most commonly-asked questions that crops up is whether or not you can safely store the ammunition in the same safe you store your gun in. The Home Office has issued guidance along these lines that indicates this can be done. Of course, every situation is different and so are the cabinets that are designed for this purpose. As the guidance points out, the local police will be the ones to determine whether the gun and its ammunition are safely stored so as not to pose any risk to anyone else.

The other element you may want to think about concerns the practical nature of storing your ammo with your gun. Does your gun cabinet have room to hold both? This is not always the case. In some instances, a cabinet will have been designed specifically to hold one or more guns, and has no space for the associated ammunition.

As you can see, this means it is well worth doing your research before buying a gun cabinet in the first place. You want to be sure you are investing in something that will serve your needs. While you can get a separate ammo cabinet, it makes sense to have everything safely stored in one place if you can.

Look for a police-approved gun safe

lion guard ammo and piston safe

Of course, the type and size of cabinet you get will depend on the gun or guns you possess. A shotgun will naturally require a much larger cabinet than a handgun, even with the ammunition stored next to it.

A good example of a police-approved safe that is suitable for pistols is the Lion Guard ammo and pistol safe. As the name suggests, this is designed to hold both items. The safe is also built according to British Standards (BS7558/92). While it is not necessary to buy a safe that complies with this, it is a good idea. In doing so, you know you have purchased a solid and worthwhile item that will hold your pistols in a safe manner. Bolts are also included to bolt it down to make it impossible to remove.

Consider cabinets with separate storage for ammo

Lion Guard Premium 5 Gun Cabinet With Locking Top

If you hold one or more rifles or shotguns, you should consider purchasing a cabinet that has a separate storage area for your ammo. The Lion Guard premium 5-gun cabinet with a locking top is a great example to use. The guns can each be held in a secure upright position, while the top shelf is ideal for putting all the ammunition on.

This safe also benefits from four pre-drilled holes in both the rear of the cabinet and in the floor. This ensures you can use the fixing bolts (included free with the cabinet) to secure it in position.

This cabinet uses keys to gain entry, but there is another option too, as you will see below.

A gun safe with separate ammo store and combination keypad entry

Buffalo River Gold Line 7 Gun Cabinet

If you don’t want the hassle of trying to keep your keys in a safe place, you can always opt for a combination entry lock instead. This is exactly what you will get with the Buffalo River Gold Line 7-gun cabinet. The keypad is positioned in the upper centre of the door, enabling easy keying in of your security code. And if you are slightly worried about forgetting the code, you can be reassured by the addition of key entry just in case.

The interior has room for seven guns and also boasts a removable shelf. This means you can store all your ammunition in one place, while ensuring it is safe from anyone who might try to gain access to it. As with the other gun safes mentioned here, you will get the required fixing bolts delivered along with the safe.

Remember – you are responsible for safe storage of both your ammo and your gun (or guns)

This is perhaps the most important thing of all to remember. No matter what kind of gun safe you buy, or how secure it is, you and only you should ever have access to it. It doesn’t matter whether you live alone or have a large family. Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to firearms.

The good news is there are a variety of secure safes and cabinets that will serve your purposes very well indeed. Consider the size of safe you are likely to need, along with where you are going to position it. This should be out of sight of everyone else if at all possible, but your local police can always give additional advice.