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Great Value Small Safes

Great Value Small Safes

Safes are designed for all kinds of different purposes. Some are designed to be locked in place inside vehicles, while others are designed to suit businesses that have large quantities of cash to store. Still more have specific purposes in mind, such as to store large amounts of jewellery or watches.

But what if you only need to store a small number of items? Perhaps you only have a couple of passports to keep in there, along with one or two items of valuable jewellery and some cash. In this case, all you need is a compact safe that is designed to be used in the home.

The good news is you can easily get just this kind of safe if you have a few moments to shop around.

Why get a small safe?

As we previously mentioned, you may only have a few items you need to keep in one. In this case, there would be no point investing in a large safe you would never properly use.

Additionally, you may not have much room for one. The bigger the safe, the more room it takes up, and some are designed to be put into walls or floors. That may not be an option in your case. For instance, you might rent your property and so any safe you get must be small enough to be hidden in some other way.

Affordability is another aspect to think about. You will get a much better deal on a small safe than you would on something bigger and heftier, which could be designed for purposes you have no use for.

Lion Guard 5 Litre Home Security Safe

Ideal for storing small practical items

Passports, birth and marriage certificates and some jewellery – all these items would slot neatly into a small safe. In many cases, a small safe is all most people require. Even if you have some cash you’d like to tuck away from time to time, you can still fit quite a lot in a small safe. Why get a large expensive one when it’s not needed?

Look for reliable brands

It’s important you search for a reliable brand name when you’re looking to buy a safe. Lion Guard is just such a brand, and their new Lion Guard 5-litre home security safe could be just what you need. This has a cash rating of £1,000 and it is also rated for £10,000-worth of valuables. It comes complete with two double-bitted keys and has a seven-lever lock for additional security. You get fixing bolts with it as well, which is even better for you when you have somewhere you can fix it to.

Is it worth getting a deposit safe?

We now know there is a wide range of compact home safes to choose from. However, we haven’t yet covered all the options in this area. For example, it is worth considering whether or not you would benefit from getting a deposit safe. In order to accurately answer that question, we need to look into what this type of safe actually is.

Phoenix Compact Sky Blue with Deposit Slot

The name comes from the fact you can deposit cash into the safe without having to open it. This is handy for several reasons. Firstly, you don’t need the key to unlock the safe in order to put money inside. You simply use the slot provided – either on top or at the front – to put the cash inside. A great example of a deposit safe is seen in the Phoenix compact sky blue safe with deposit slot. This is also available in other colours if blue isn’t your style! It has a keypad for entry, not to mention a key override facility just in case you forget the number.

Phoenix A180BKD Deposit Safe

If you don’t like the idea of a keypad and you’d prefer key entry at all times, the Phoenix A180BKD deposit safe might suit instead. This has the deposit slot positioned in the front door rather than on top, so you can put things on top of this safe if you wish when it is bolted into position. This one also has a shelf inside.

Consider price and quality

Of course, you’ll want a good-quality safe that does protect your valuables whenever you are not around. With that said, you should always use the fixing bolts provided to make sure there is no easy way to pick it up and carry it away for breaking into later on.

The good news is the nature of these compact safes means you don’t have to worry about finding a large space to put them in. The smaller the safe, the easier it should be to securely locate it somewhere in your home. And since you are focusing on protecting your valuables, it makes sense to ensure it isn’t too obvious exactly where it happens to be.