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Home Security Tips


Keeping your family and possessions protected in the home is essential to your safety and peace of mind, yet there are many basic security tips which most people simply don’t consider.

First of all, take a look at your home through the eyes of a potential intruder. Can you see any weaknesses in access points which could invite someone who is looking for an easy entry to choose you?

A visible burglar alarm is a great deterrent to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to access a home or the presence of CCTV is also likely to make any potential criminal move on.

If the entrances to your home are dark or secluded, consider installing motion detection lights which will discourage intruders that prefer to work away from the spotlight.

Whenever you are away from your front door, keep it securely shut and locked. It is surprising how many intruders walk in through a door that was simply left open.

Remember many potential thieves will have an accomplice, so if someone leads you away from your door when speaking to you, make sure that you lock it behind you, rather than leaving it open for someone else to walk in while you are distracted.

When you move into a new home, ensure you have all the window and door keys that are in existence. If there is any missing then consider fitting a completely new set of locks. In the event of your keys being lost or stolen, always have your locks changed immediately, especially if they were in a handbag or briefcase that is likely to include your home address.

Try to ensure your home looks occupied at all times. Arrange with a neighbour to take in any packages or milk bottles left on your front door and consider using timers on light switches to show signs of occupancy even when the house is completely empty.

To prevent items being stolen, clearly mark them whenever you can as thieves are less likely to take items that are easily identifiable. If this would damage or harm your possession, consider investing in a safe to protect your most valuable items.

A small home safe can easily be bolted to the floor, the wall, under the stairs or even in a cupboard to keep it secure and out of sight while giving you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep your home protected.