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Engagement rings and wedding rings, valuable bracelets and necklaces, cherished family heirlooms: items of jewellery are some of the most precious things we possess, not just for their monetary value but for the memories and feelings they represent. This makes keeping such items safe an even greater priority. A brooch inherited from your grandmother, or a watch you received on your twenty-first birthday, cannot be replaced. As criminals become ever more sophisticated, it is increasingly important to be aware of the risks involved in owning valuable jewellery, and the steps you can take to protect it. So, what can we do to deter thieves from entering our property, and furthermore, how can we keep our precious jewellery safe?

What to Be Aware Of

Whenever you leave your home it is essential that you ensure all doors and windows are firmly secured. Try not to leave any keys on window sills or ledges, or anywhere they can be seen from outside. Something else to consider is garden furniture. A rake left on the lawn, can become a handy implement for an opportunistic thief attempting a break in. It’s a good idea to keep all garden implements, and indeed garden furniture, locked away. If you’re leaving home for a long time, or going away on holiday, it is advisable to leave your lights on a timer switch and set to come on and go off at certain intervals. This will give any potential intruders the impression that someone is at home and very likely deter them from attempting a break-in. Many people leave their valuables in cheap cash boxes. Unfortunately these are next to useless, as even a casual thief can get into them without too much trouble. For your peace of mind it is recommended that you store your jewellery in a secure safe, preferably one that is firmly attached to a wall or the floor.

Cash Ratings Explained

Security safes come with a recommended cash rating, which explains the amount of cash an insurance company will cover if it is stored in that safe overnight, the worth of jewellery you can store is usually ten times the amount. So a safe with a cash rating of £1,000 will be covered for that amount of cash, and £10,000-worth of valuables, i.e. jewellery and electronic gadgets such as cameras and mobile phones. Many small safes have a cash rating of up to £6,000 (or £60,000-worth of valuables). If you need to keep items of greater value, we would recommend a Eurograde safe: This is a range of high-security safes with cash ratings from £6,000 (Eurograde 0) to £150,000 (Eurograde 6).


Taking Good Care of Your Jewellery

Another important thing to consider when keeping jewellery in a safe is how it should be stored. Diamonds are incredibly hard and can easily scratch softer gemstones, pearls, and even other diamonds, if they are kept together. We would recommend wrapping each diamond in a lint-free cloth or keeping them in a separate chamois pouch, away from other stones. So long as your valuables are stored properly – and safely – there’s no reason why they cannot stay in your family for generations to come.

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