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How to Store Guns with Scopes

How to Store Guns with Scopes

If your gun has a scope, you’ll need to find a way of storing it that takes this into account. It gives you one more thing to think about, and the last thing you want is to incur any damage to the scope, or to make it unstable to lean in a secure safe.

Furthermore, attaching a scope isn’t a two-second job. If you’ve just purchased your first rifle, you’ve no doubt started to read up about it. If you have, you will know that it takes time to learn how to attach a scope. Some people opt to get a gunsmith to do this for them. Even if you do it yourself, you won’t want to be taking it on and off constantly every time you take out your gun or put it away.

It’s certainly easier and less time-consuming to leave the scope in place each time. There’s no chance of you forgetting it either (that can be a real pain). So what’s the solution?

Deeper gun safes

JFC GB4/6DE - 4/6 Gun Shotgun Cabinet

You’ll know you have to store your guns securely in order to comply with the law. However, did you know gun safes vary in their depth? There can be a surprising variety in depth to choose from, and if you are going to keep your scopes on your guns, it’s best to choose a deeper cabinet to make storage much easier.

The JFC GB4/6DE gun cabinet can accommodate both shotguns and rifles. It can store between four and six guns and comes complete with a foam divider and a floor mat too. These both help to ensure your guns remain stored safely without slipping or falling against each other. That’s an important element to bear in mind when you have one or more of them fitted with scopes. Even though the actual scope probably wouldn’t be damaged, you wouldn’t want the exterior coating to be scratched – especially not when it’s in your safe at the time. It measures 331mm deep on the outside, and 327mm deep on the inside, so it should be more than sufficient.

Are there other options available?

JFC VL6/8DLT - 6/8 Gun Shotgun Cabinet Extra Deep

Certainly – and it is worth looking at a few models to see which one would be best for your needs. Obviously, the above cabinet is ideal if you have several guns, but you may want something bigger still.

If it’s a really deep cabinet you’re after, the JFC VL6/8DLT gun cabinet model could be just what you need. This can hold up to eight rifles and it has the same depth the above cabinet has. Incidentally, it comes in four sizes so you might want to look at all of them to make sure you get the best option for your collection.

The main thing to note about this cabinet is that it has a fixed upper shelf. This is ideal for storing ammunition safely out of the way of the guns themselves. It also makes it easy to access. Again, it’s easy to keep the scopes free from damage, scratching and movement.

An even more versatile solution

Buffalo River Bronze Line 5 Gun Cabinet

Another option you might want to consider is the Buffalo River Bronze Line five-gun cabinet. There are several reasons for this. It’s not as deep as the cabinets mentioned above, but it still provides a generous depth of 250mm. You will also notice it has a moulded gun rack, which is very useful for keeping the guns in a safe position when in storage.

Indeed, even if you only have two or three guns, you might prefer a larger cabinet width-wise simply because you can separate the guns and the scopes from each other. And again, you get a carpeted floor and a removable shelf, so the versatility is important to note.

Taking care of your scopes

While the scopes on their own pose no risk or danger to anyone, you still want to store them appropriately. You can save a lot of time by keeping them attached to your guns.

The other thing to think about if you’re considering purchasing your first gun and a cabinet to keep it in is whether or not you might get one or more scopes in the future. Even if you don’t have any at the moment, it makes sense to purchase a cabinet that will allow you to keep the scope on the gun if you do get one later. If you opt for a shallow cabinet, you might end up having to remove the scope every time you use it if you do get one at some point.

So compare cabinets carefully when you have scopes to think about. Buying the right one now will save you a lot of time and hassle later on. It also means you have good storage possibilities and maybe even the room to store another gun later on as well.