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Luxury Safes for Watches

While many people have everyday watches they wear for work and play, others have more expensive watches. These are not to be kept in a standard jewellery drawer. Instead, they will need to be locked away out of sight when not in use.

If you have a collection of watches that is worth a considerable amount, it is definitely worth investing in a luxury safe for this purpose. However, a standard safe may not provide you with everything you need. Therefore, it is best to consider purchasing a luxury safe that is designed to accommodate watches. There are several good reasons for this, as you’ll soon see.

Custom inserts ensure your watches are kept in pristine condition

burton brixia s4 e

The Burton Brixia S4 E luxury safe is a great example of how a safe can be designed to hold a significant number of watches. Furthermore, the custom features that can be included with this safe enable you to design the perfect interior for your needs.

A good example is the recent trend in watch winders. If you have automatic, self-winding watches, these will only work when you wear them. If you have a large watch collection and there are some pieces you rarely wear, this can create a problem.

Hence the solution of a watch winder. This is a special kind of storage box that can be fitted into your Burton Brixia safe. When your watch is safely enclosed in the box, the watch winder will ensure the watch keeps running, even if you do not wear it for a prolonged period of time. The other advantage of including some watch winders in your safe is that you will be able to see your watches the moment you open the safe door. Yes, you can admire your collection, but it also makes it easy to spot the watch you want to wear for a particular occasion.

You can also choose a variety of jewellery drawers to fill the interior of your safe. These are finished with a soft material that will protect your watches. They are also available with a variety of inserts, enabling you to store several watches in one tray.

Secure and stylish

burton safes watch spinner

One of the most appealing features of the range of Burton Brixia safes is the flush frontage included in every case. The flush keypad enables you to enter the access code with ease, while the handle is also set into the front of the safe. You simply have to push it and turn it to open the safe whenever required.

The hinges are also flush, making this an easy safe to locate in a cupboard or other location where space might be tight. The stylish minimalist look is very appealing, and yet the interior provides an ample amount of space for you to store a significant number of watches and other jewellery items, if desired.

You will also be pleased to know the safes have been approved by the UK police, as part of the Secured by Design scheme. Approval has also been successfully won by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). This means if anything happens to your watch collection, you will be safe in the knowledge you have done everything you can to protect it. Always check your insurance to make sure your collection is properly covered.

Optional extras allow you to fully personalise your safe

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a safe that really fits your needs. The team behind this range knows this only too well, which is why they have taken great care to provide a wide range of optional extras. These include the watch winders and jewellery drawers mentioned above, but it is worth reiterating that a Burton Brixia safe is one that you can customise to your exact needs.

For instance, you may simply need a safe that is dedicated to holding your entire collection of watches. On the other hand, you may only have a small collection, along with a variety of other jewellery items. By considering your needs (and bearing in mind anything you might buy in the future), you can purchase the exact interior items you need.

Finally, you should note that the addition of these optional extras means you can make the most of every square inch inside the safe. While the range includes four safes of differing sizes, you want to make sure you get the right size for your collection. This might mean getting the smallest safe, which could be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you have a large collection and it is getting bigger, perhaps investing in the larger S4 E safe would be a good bet.

Whatever you do, it is easy to see why Burton Safes are renowned for their impressive collection of luxury safes for watches and jewellery.

burton brixia s1 e