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Winterfield Safes is proud to announce the latest company to join its roster of gun cabinet brands: Buffalo River.

With sleek designs and attractive prices, Buffalo River Gun Cabinets offer a distinctive and appealing addition to the range of gun and ammo safes available on

The comprehensive Buffalo River catalogue includes neat ammo safes and a full selection of gun safes, from 2-gun to 14-gun capacity cabinets.


The gun cabinets are available in a selection of price ranges, lock types, gun capacities and design styles. As well as a standard black with gold trimming, there is also the option of a walnut wood finish in some models. A unique illustration of a stag in gold trim is available on both black and wood finish designs. Electronic lock safes come with a deluxe LCD keypad, while others also have a biometric fingerprint locking facility.
All Buffalo River Gun Cabinets are designed and built to meet, and exceed, the British safety standard required to obtain Police approval for your gun storage (BS7558/92).

With the addition of the Buffalo River range to the gun cabinet section of its website, Winterfield Safes has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading online retailer of secure gun storage products. As with the new Buffalo River safes and cabinets, all of the products available at Winterfield Safes are competitively priced, thoughtfully designed and well built.