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Gun Cabinets

Our competitively priced gun cabinets, shotgun cabinets and gun safes meet the necessary British standards for police approval. Our gun cabinets provide extremely secure storage of your firearms without breaking the bank. They come in different shapes and sizes, catering for the single-gun holder as well collectors.

Whatever type of gun you own, gun cabinets are imperative – not just to keep the weapon away from harm’s reach, but also to keep you on the right side of the law. Most of our shotgun cabinets and gun safes can be delivered direct to your door within 3 working days, some even come with next day delivery as standard!

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Gun Cabinet Buying Guide

How Can I Obtain a Shotgun License?

Shotgun Licenses can be obtained from police stations. The process involves the applicant filling in a form, paying a fee and enclosing 4 passport-sized photographs.

The police must be satisfied that applicants should be permitted to store and use a shotgun without posing any threat to public safety or to the peace of their surroundings.

The police will check for previous convictions on the application form. Applicants should expect to be visited at home by a police officer who will discuss security arrangements. The application will then either be approved or rejected.

The BS7558/92 Standard Explained

The BS7558/02 Standard refers to the storing of all shotguns in a dwelling in the UK. Shotguns should be securely stored in a cabinet specifically designed for this purpose. The cabinet needs to be fixed securely to a structure and should be designed to thwart intruders or attacks on the cabinet by any persons who may visit the premises. The BS7558 standard was first introduced in 1992.

How Can Gun Cabinets be Fixed or Attached?

Gun cabinets are the preferred method for storing firearms.

Ideally, the cabinet should be fixed to a brick wall or one that is constructed from reinforced concrete or concrete blocks. The room in which the cabinet and firearms are stored should not have access directly to the outside, but be an inner room.

Gun cabinets should feature welded seams and lock mechanisms on the insides, containing 5 levers. Rifle cabinets should feature two locks, because of their height.

Gun Capacity Explained

Each individual gun cabinet is designed to hold a specific number of guns and this capacity can vary widely, according to your needs.

If you are relatively new to the sport of shooting, a small gun cabinet may suffice for your hobby. However, if you are planning on expanding your gun collection, investing in a larger capacity gun cabinet will probably suit you better.

Cabinets range from single or double gun capacities with a two key lock, to multi storage, bolted cabinets. Often, multi-berth gun cabinets do not vary in size that much from their single counterparts.

Lock Types Explained

Locks for gun cabinets are an essential component, to prevent the vital security of your guns being compromised in any way.

For smaller gun cabinets, a single key lock is sufficient and will provide adequate security for your valuable collection.

Vault locking mechanisms provide more security for peace of mind, with lever locks and 5 point locking systems.

You may also want to consider a combination of electronic locks for your gun cabinet. Many buyers prefer electronic locks as they are more convenient to use, open quickly and their combination can be changed easily by the owner.

What are Break Down Gun Cabinets?

Break Down Gun Cabinets are smaller cabinets which can be used when space is limited in your home.

These cabinets have a reduced height size, as they are designed to accommodate shotguns that have been broken down into two components. The cabinets will feature foam dividers for easy storage of the guns’ components.

Break Down cabinets range in their flexibility, from the storage of between 1 and several shotguns and they feature the same security measures as full sized cabinets. Break down cabinets should conform to the same British safety standards as larger cabinets.

Why Might I Need an Extra Deep Gun Cabinet?

Extra deep gun cabinets are useful for storing guns with the scopes attached, for the user’s convenience.

These cabinets feature superior safe locks, including strong hinges and anti- lever flanges. They also feature foam dividers and floor mats for the secure storage of your guns. The depth of extra deep cabinets is designed for maximum storage capacity and are 100% guaranteed to be police acceptable.

Extra deep gun cabinets vary in size and can generally hold up to 9 guns securely, whilst ensuring that the scopes of your gun(s) remain undamaged.

Gun Cabinets For Sale

The first criterion when choosing a gun safe or gun cabinet is to find something of a suitable size. Dimensions are clearly marked on all the products above, so make sure your gun or rifle will fit comfortably.

Many of our shotgun cabinets can hold more than one gun, most featuring foam inserts which allow you to safely store a number of shotguns without fear of damaging them. But don't just consider how many guns you need to store now – think ahead. If you plan to (or just think you might) own more guns in the future, it's wise to buy a gun cabinet with a little more room than you need - otherwise you'll need to buy a whole new gun cabinet when you take ownership of your next gun.

If space at home is a little on the tight side, you'll be pleased to know that multi-berth gun cabinets are not proportionally that much bigger than single cabinets – they are simply laid out more effectively inside.

Consider too, what else you might want to keep in your gun safe. If you need to store ammunition alongside your weapon, you can select a number of gun cabinets and safes that feature dedicated ammo stores for added security and better organisation. Choose a model with extra shelves and compartments. Last but not least, decide what kind of lock might suit you best. Our range of gun cabinets features a variety of lock mechanisms, including combination locks and digital keypads.