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Chubbsafes Document Protection Cabinets

High fire risk requires adapted protection

For most companies, important documentation, such as accounting and tax information, contracts, certificates and other sensitive paperwork, is absolutely critical to business continuity. However, the threat of fire is very real for businesses, and can lead to thousands of pounds in damage. Despite this significant risk, many offices lack fire-resistant security solutions that are capable of protecting critical documents from fire while keeping them organised at the same time. Also many fire-resistant document cabinets come with a variety of challenges:

  • Increased risk of fire: Every year, thousands of businesses are victims of fire. Paper and digital documents are particularly vulnerable to excessive heat, and their loss can have a devastating impact on business continuity.
  • Insufficient testing standards: Many cabinets offer certified protection against fire but the testing processes to which they are subjected are not always as extensive as needed. For example, internal conditions can deteriorate even after the fire burns out and rapid heating can break through buildings, both of which need to be taken into account to ensure superior resistance.
  • Lack of customisable fittings: Traditional fire-resistant cabinets provide sufficient shelving but often lack customisable fittings, such as lockable drawers and pullout trays. The result is a security solution that is unable to adapt to very specific business needs.
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