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Delivery & Installation Questionaire

To help us assess the delivery/installation of your order please complete the following form as accurately as possible. This will help ensure the delivery/installation team are fully prepared and equipped on the day of delivery.

Please give all dimensions in centimetres, NOT imperial measurements.

Burton Primo Home Safe S3 E

Only £203.33 £244.00

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Contact Information

Vehicle Access

Vehicles used for delivery of these items maybe up to the size of a 32 tonne truck with integral hoists / crane fitted to the rear, (similar in size to a double decker bus).

Delivery Information

Steps & Staircases

    • 1 Straight Flight
    • 2 Stright Flights with 90° Turn
    • 2 Stright Flights with 180° Turn
    • 3 Stright Flights
    • 1 Stright Flights with 1 Curved Flight
    • 2 Stright Flights with 1 Curved Flight
    • 3 Stright Flights with 2 Curved Flight




Wall fixing can only be achieved with a solid wall. For concrete surfaces approx 125mm of depth is required. For wooden surfaces approx 77mm of depth is required.

By submitting this form I confirm that the above information is, to the best of my understanding, a true and accurate reflection of the delivery/installation site. I accept that extra installation charges may be applied if the site is found to differ from the information supplied when delivery/installation commences.